The Unique Success of the Kidron New Home Auction


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Kidron Ohio New Custom Home Auction

In the realm of auctions, some events stand out not just for their financial success but for the innovation and creativity behind them. The Kidron New Home Auction, held on September 20, 2023, under the skilled guidance of auctioneer Andy White, emerges as a shining example of such an extraordinary campaign. Let’s delve into what made this auction a resounding success.

Marketing Mastery: The auction’s marketing strategy was a tapestry of diverse tactics. From traditional digital and print methods to the unique utilization of Pinterest, where the team actively sought users interested in building homes, every avenue was explored.

Unique Concept and Clear Goals: What set this auction apart was its distinctive concept. Unlike traditional auctions, the sellers had constructed the home but left the interior unfinished, opening the door for customization by the buyer. With a clear vision of their target market—individuals excited to customize their living spaces—the goal was to find the right buyer passionate about crafting their dream home.

Innovative Techniques: Pinterest played a pivotal role, serving as a bridge to individuals who resonated with the idea of building their homes. The use of Spoak, an Interior Design Software, allowed the design team to stage photos and create vision boards for each room, offering potential buyers a glimpse of the home’s untapped potential.

Comprehensive Online Presence: The campaign leveraged the power of social media with strategic posts, reels, and paid advertising on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Additionally, Pinterest and Spoak Boards were utilized, and a dedicated blog post on the RES website provided an insightful review of the auction.

Targeted Demographics: The auction was tailored for a specific demographic—female buyers aged 30-50 who shared an appreciation for shows like Fixer Upper and the Magnolia Network. The focus extended to second or third-time homebuyers looking for a unique and customizable space.

The culmination of these efforts was nothing short of exceptional. The home not only sold at an excellent price but found its ideal buyer—a young family eager to customize the interior to suit their tastes. The success of the auction was not just financial; it was the realization of a vision that resonated with the right audience.

In essence, the Kidron New Home Auction not only achieved its financial objectives but demonstrated the power of innovative marketing and a deep understanding of the target audience. It stands as a testament to the fact that, in the world of auctions, creativity coupled with strategic planning can create unparalleled success.