One Owner 250 GUN and AMMO AUCTION 

One Owner 250 GUN and AMMO AUCTION 

Rifles - Kimber - Winchesters - Colt - Ammo - Scopes 

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One Owner 250 GUN and AMMO AUCTION 

Saturday October 19th – 10 AM 

Auction will be held at the RES Yard and Auction Center, 375 Fry Rd, Wooster.   Just west of Wooster on the corner of US RTE 30 and Fry Road.  Doors open for preview at 7 AM. Online bidding offered. Click here. 

RIFLES: Winchesters: (2) M1 Carbine .30 Carbine semi autos; 70 (pre 64) 30-06 bolt action featherweight; mod 70 .270 WSM bolt action, featherweight;  mod 90 .22short pump, take down, octagon barrel; 62A .22LR pump, take down, round barrel; 61 .22LR pump, take down; 52 .22LR bolt action; 1892 (pre 64) .32 WCF lever action, octagon barrel; 1892 (pre 64) 2520 lever action; 94 AE 3535 lever action; 1894 30-30 lever action, engraved, American Legend; (2) mod 9410 410 lever actions; 1873 .357 Mag lever action; 94AE 45 Colt lever action; 94AE 30-30 lever action, deer tribute; mod 88 .308 lever action; 100 .308 semi auto; mod 69A .22LR bolt action; 57 .22LR bolt action; 68 .22LR bolt action single shot; 47 .22LR bolt action single shot; 64 30-30 lever action; (5) mod 94 30-30 lever actions; (2) 67 .22LR bolt action single shots; (2) 74 .22LR semi autos; XPR .338 Win bolt action; 63 .22LR semi auto; Brownings: BL22 .22LR lever action; SA22 .22LR semi auto; BLR 450 Marlin lever action; BAR 30-06 semi auto, Belgium made; TBolt .22LR AAA Maple stock;  Weatherbys: Mark V .300 Weatherby bolt action, high grade stock and Weatherby scope; Mark V .270 Win bolt action; Vanguard 7mm Mag bolt action;  

Kimbers: 84M .308 bolt action; 8400 Montana .300 Win bolt action, stainless steel; Rugers: 1022 .22 semi auto, Mannlicher stock; (2) 1022 .22LR semi autos; 1022 .22LR stainless steel; 77-44 .44 mag bolt action, with Leupold scope; M77 Hawkeye .308 Win bolt action, Mannlicher stock, stainless; No. 1 .220 Swift single shot, Zeiss scope; No. 1 .22 Hornet single shot, Vortex scope; Springfields: (3) M1 Garand 30-06 semi-autos; (2) M1A .308 bolt actions; (2) M1A .308 semi auto; M1A 6.5 Creedmore semi auto, stainless, national match barrel, arch angle stock;  

Norinco: MAK-90 7.62x39 semi auto; NHM-91 7.62x39 semi auto; (2) SKS 7.62x39 semi autos;  

Colt: (2) Sporter AR15 .223 semi auto, target models; Smith & Wesson: MMP 15 5.56 semi auto, Sport II, Magpul; M&P 15-22 .22LR semi auto; Del-ton: DTI-15 5.56 Semi auto, flattop;  

Shiloh Sharps: 1874 45-70 single shot, octogen barrel; Marlins: (3) 1895 45-70 lever action, stainless, guide gun; 1894 Limited Edition 45 Colt lever action, 1 of 1500, octagonal barrel; 1894 .22Mag lever action; 94 25-20 lever action; 783 .22Mag bolt action, tube fed; XT22 .22LR bolt action, tube fed, stainless; Sako: 30-06 bolt action; Henry: Silver Boy .22LR lever action; Golden Boy .22LR lever action; Remingtons: 700 .338 Win bolt action; 700 22-250 bolt action, HD barrel; 700 .270 Win bolt action; 700 7mm-08 bolt action; 24 .22LR semi auto; 541-T .22LR bolt action, heavy target barrel, BDL stock; 760 GameMaster .257 Roberts pump; (3) Mohawk .22LR semi autos; Nylon 66 .22LR semi auto; 522 Viper .22LR semi auto; 592 M 5mm bolt action; 572 Fieldmaster .22LR pump; 514 .22LR single shot; 34 .22LR bolt action; 550 .22LR semi auto;  

Savage: 110 7mm Mag bolt action; 1905 .22LR single shot bolt action; A17 17HMR semi auto; (2)42 .22LR-410ga over/under; Rossi: 62 .22LR pump, octogen barrel; 62 .22LR pump;  

Keystone: Cricket .22LR single shot; Anschutz: mod 1517 .17HMR bolt action; 1502 17 Mach 2 bolt action; CZ: mod 452-2E .22 Mag bolt action, American; 452-2E 17HMR bolt action, American; mod 457 .17HMR bolt action, American; Enfeild: No. 4 MK1 303 British bolt action;  

GSG: GSG 5 SD .22LR semi auto; GSG 5 .22LR semi auto; Glenfield: 25 .22LR bolt action; Carl Gustafs: 1906 Bolt action; Mossberg: 46A .22LR bolt action, tube fed; Mauser: M48 bolt action, bayonet; 98 .270 bolt action, sporterized action; Mosin Naget: 1943 7.62x54R bolt action, Hex receiver; Ranger: 35 .22LR single shot; High Point: 995 9mm semi auto.  


Winchesters:  (2) 1897 12ga pumps; mod 25 12ga pump; (2) mod 42 410 pumps; (3) mod 12 20 ga pumps; (3) mod 12 16ga pumps; (4) mod 12 12ga pumps; (3)mod 37 12ga single shots, red letter; (2) mod 37 20ga single shots, red letter; (2) mod 37 16ga red letter; mod 37 410 single shot, red letter; 47 410ga bolt action; 20 410ga single shot; 24 16ga side by side; SX3 12ga semi auto, adjustable comb stock; SX3 20ga semi auto; Super X Model 1 12ga semi auto; 1300 12ga pump; mod 50 12ga semi auto; Win-Lite 12ga semi auto; Remingtons: Wingmaster 870 410ga pump; Remington Wingmaster 870 28ga pump; 870 12ga pump, extended mag; 870 12ga pump, Hastings fully rifled slug barrel; 1100LT 20ga semi auto, 1100 12ga semi auto; 1187 12ga semi auto; 1187 12ga fully rifled slug barrel, scope; Browning: Auto 5 12ga semi auto; Auto 5 12ga semi auto, combo 30” vent rib and 25” standard barrel; Benelli: SBE II 12ga semi auto, 3 ½”; Ithacas: 10ga side by side; (3) 16ga side by sides; 20ga side by side; (2) mod 37 12ga pumps; (2) 37 16ga pump; Lefever: Nitro Special 12ga side by side; Nitro Special 16ga side by side;  

Mossberg: 500 410ga pump, home defense; 500 12ga pump, pistol grip; mod 510 410ga pump youth shotgun; Parker Bros.: 20 ga side by side; 12ga side by side, exposed hammers;  

Perazzi NX2000 12 ga. Single shot, Trap, adjustable comb/butt plate; Kolar 12 ga combo, 30” single shot and 30” over/under barrels; LC Smith: Ideal Grade E 16ga side by side;  

LSSSTANL-KRUPP: Nitro 16ga side by side; CZ-Huglu: Sharp Tail 410ga side by side; DavenPort: Colonial 12ga single shot; Richarme: 16ga side by side; American Arms: York-12 12ga side by side; Stoeger: Uplander 410ga side by side; Iver Johnson: (2) 20ga single shots; 410ga single shot; Meriden: 12ga side by side; Stevens: 59A 410ga bolt action; 311 410ga side by side; (2) 410ga single shots; (3) 94 20ga single shots; (2) 94 12ga single shots; Nitro Special 12ga single shot; Webley: mod 3 410ga bolt action single shot; Western Field: mod 10 16ga single shot;  

White Powder Wonder: 16ga single shot; Forehand: 99 12ga side by side, exposed hammers, Damascus; Janssen Sons: 12ga side by side; Hopkins Allen: 12ga side by side, exposed hammers; Plymouth: 12ga side by side; Hunter Arms: Fulton 16ga side by side; G&F Spiukee: 12ga side by side muzzleloader: Richards: 12ga side by side muzzleloader; Thompson Center: Encore 12ga single shot, camo, turkey barrel; Encore 50cal. Muzzleloader; Strike 50cal muzzleloader; CVA Hunter 450 Bushmaster single shot; Knight LK-II 50cal muzzleloader; Traditions Tracker 209 50cal muzzleloader. 

AIR RIFLES: Gameo BoneCollector, Big Cat, and Socom Carbine .177 air rifles; Stoeger .177 air rifle; Daisy and Marksman air pistols.  

HAND GUNS: Smith and Wessons: 500 revolver stainless; 629 .44 Mag revolver, stainless; 686 .357 Mag revolver, stainless; Governor 45-410 revolver; 915 9mm semi auto; 910 9mm semi auto; 909 9mm semi auto; SW9F 9mm semi auto; Sig Sauers: P226 9mm semi auto, German made; P228 9mm semi auto, German made; Springfield: XDS-45 .45ACP semi auto; Browning: Hi Power 9mm semi auto; BDM 9mm semi auto; Taurus: 66 .357 Mag revolver, stainless; Glock: 17 9mm semi auto; 19 9mm semi auto; Beretta: 92FS 9mm semi auto; FIF (2) TEX .22 LR revolvers.  

SCOPES: (8) Leupold scopes various sizes; Zeiss Terra 4-12. 

AMMO: Over 14,000 rounds of ammo: 9mm; .38; .500; .357; .44; .300 Win Mag; .300 Weatherby Mag; 30-06; 7mm; .30 Carbine; .260 Rem; .270; 45-70; 30-30; 12/16/410 slugs; 7.62; 2000 rounds of 17 Mach 2; and more.  

AUCTION NOTE: This is a really good, well cared for one owner gun collection and we have the large majority of the original boxes.  You will appreciate the care and quality.   Doors open for preview at 7 AM.   Online bidding and a complete gun catalog with details and pictures is available at   




Andy White 419-651-2152 – Joseph Mast – Drew Turner – Jake White – Mary Hartley