Black Friday Gun and Tool Consignment Auction

Firearm, Tool and Toy Consignment Auction

Over 100 Firearms!

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Saturday December 28th – 10AM


Auction held at RES Auction Facility 375 Fry Rd., Wooster, OH.  Located 1 mile west of Wooster on the Corner of US RTE 30 and Fry Road. ONLINE BIDDING

 *Over 100 Guns*

Rifles: Winchester: mod 72 .22LR bolt action; Delphi: Delphi-15 .450 Bushmaster, semi auto;

Beretta: CX4 9mm semi auto rifle; Remington: mod 700 .22-250 bolt action, bull barrel, scope; mod 770 .243 Win bolt action; mod 514 .22LR bolt action, single shot; Targetmaster .22LR single shot; mod 580 .22LR single shot; mod 600 .35Rem, bolt action; mod 7600 .30-06 Sprg, pump;

Ruger: PC9 9mm semi auto rifle; mod 77 .243 bolt action, grade 5; (2)AR-556 5.56 semi autos;

(3)Powermaster 760 air rifles; Rossi: Wizard .223 Rem, single shot; Bushmaster: XM15 .450 Bushmaster, semi auto; Sako: .22LR bolt action; Savage: mod 24 .22LR/410, 24” barrel; mod 110 .450 Bushmaster bolt action, 18” barrel; 110BA .338 Lapua bolt action; mod 110 7mm Rem Mag, bolt action; Axis 22-250 bolt action; Mossberg: MD 71st .22LR semi auto; 802 Plinkster .22 bolt action; Mauser: (2)Yugo 8mm; Anderson: AM-15 .223 Wylde semi auto, stainless, magpul furniture; CZ USA: 805 Brensi 5.56 semi auto; Palmetto: PA-15 5.56 semi auto, vortex crossfire optic; CMMG: MK47 7.62x39 semi auto; Aero Precision: X15 5.56 semi auto, magpul flip up sights; Arsenal: SAM75F 7.62x39 semi auto; SKS: CAI 7.62x39; Norinco: 7.62x39 MK90 Sporter

FNA: Fabrica Nazoinnale Armi Bresia, bolt action 6.5x52mm; and much more.

Shotguns: Remington: 870 Special, 12ga pump, English stock, 21” barrel; 870 Express 12ga pump, 28” barrel; 870 Wingmaster 410ga pump, 25” barrel; 870 Wingmaster 12ga pump;  Winchester: mod 1200 12ga pump, 30” barrel; mod 42 410ga pump, 26” barrel, 1933 1st year production. Browning: BPS Ducks Unlimited 20ga pump, choke tubes, 26” barrel; Citori 410 over/under, choke tubes; A-5 16ga, semi auto, 1967 production, sweet 16; H&R: Partner 12ga pump; Mossberg: Maverick 88 20ga pump, vent rib; 835 12ga pump; Tri-star/Armsan: Viper G2 12ga semi auto, 30” barrel, sporting, extra chokes; Upland Hunter 12ga over/under; Izhmash/RWC: Saiga-12 12ga semi auto; Weatherby: Element 20ga semi auto; Rock Island: 12ga M5 pump, home defense. Muzzleloaders: TC Hawken .50cal

Handguns: Daniels Defense: DDM4 5.56 semi auto; DDM4 .300Blackout semi auto; Canik/Century: TP95EX 9mm semi auto, vortex optics; American Tactical: Omni 5.56 semi auto, red dot, light; Springfield: XDM-45 .45ACP semi auto, threaded barrel; (3)Saint 5.56 semi auto, 7.5” barrel; Glock: 19X 9mm semi auto; 34 9mm semi auto, vortex optic; Beretta: APX 9mm semi auto; APX 9mm semi auto, vortex optic, threaded barrel; Sig-Sauer: 1911 Spartan, .45ACP semi auto, Crimson laser grips; Rock Island-Apinti-Pahrump: M1911 .45ACP semi auto, double stacked;  Walther: PPQ 9mm semi auto; Smith & Wesson: 500 MAG Performance System revolver; Heritage: .22 Revolver; CZ: p-07 9mm semi auto, threaded barrel (USA); Scorpion 9mm semi auto (USA) FN: FNX-45 .45ACP semi auto, threaded barrel; Bryco mod 38 .380AEP semi auto; Hik/HKI: VP9 9mm semi auto; and much more.

Misc: .22 Ammo; Left & Right wood shooting benches; metal gong targets; Gun Books; gun locks; soft cases; camping stove; (8)cases camp heat fuel; and much more.

Toys: Assorted toy tractors and trucks; Assorted Nascar toys; Nascar Signs

ATVs: Kubota RTVX1140 diesel, 4-seater, 4x4, power extendable dump bed, 1490 hours; Polaris Ranger 900 4 seater, 4x4.

Tools: Lincoln ARC welder; assorted hand tools; grease guns; Husky toolbox; tool bag; wood carving set; Dremel tool; winch; axe heads; and more.

Updates: Winchester: M59 12ga semi-auto shotgun; 1300 12ga pump shotgun, 18.5’’ barrel, ext. mag tube; 94 John Wayne 32-40 lever action, box; 255 22mag lever action; 70 Featherweight 30-06 bolt rile, Tasco 3-9 scope; Browning: Medalist 22lr semi-auto pistol, box, barrel weights; 65 lever action 218 Bee, engraved, box; Colt: 1911 Government MKIV Series 70 semi-auto pistol, 45acp, blued; Python 357 revolver, 6’’ blued barrel; Python 357 revolver, 6’’ blued barrel, box, manuals; Python 357 revolver, 4’’ blued barrel; New Frontier S.A.A. 45 revolver, 7.5’’ blued barrel, color case receiver, box; 1911 Government Delta Elite 10mm semi-auto pistol, Stainless, box; Match Target HBAR 5.56 semi-auto rifle, 20’’ barrel, fixed carry handle; Remington: Woodmaster 81 300 savage semi-auto rifle; 700 .300 savage bolt rifle, 24’’ barrel, Burris Fullfield II 3-9 scope; Nylon 66 22lr semi-auto rifle; 510 Targetmaster 22lr single shot rifle; 12 22lr pump rifle; 10 12ga pump shotgun; Ithaca: 37 12ga pump shotgun, 28’’ vent rib barrel; 37 12ga pump shotgun, 26’’ poly choke barrel; 37 Featherlight 16ga pump shotgun; Stevens: 311A 16ga sideXside shotgun; Marlin: 336CS 35 Rem lever action rifle; Glenfield 60 22lr semi-auto rifle; Daniel Defense: M4 carbine 5.56 semi-auto rifle; Kimber: 8400 Montana 300 Win Mag bolt rifle, Leupold VX3i 4.5-14 scope; Smith & Wesson: SD9VE 9mm semi-auto pistol; 916 12ga pump shotgun; New England: Pardner 410 single shot shotgun; T/C: Contender pistol 6.5mmT/CU; Stevens: 59A single shot 410: shotgun; 12ga single shot shotgun; H&R: Topper 58 12ga single shot shotgun; Walther: CCP 9mm Semi-auto pistol; Mossberg: 500 12ga pump shotgun; Taurus: Spectrum 380acp semi-auto pistol; Iver Johnson: 32short double action revolver; Heritage: Rough Rider 22/22mag revolver; Savage: 12ga pump shotgun; Westernfield: 550 12ga pump shotgun; Misc: Gamo Whisper .177 air rifle, Bear Whitetail compound bow, Remington A90 power driver; hand crank grain mill; 16 boxes 30-30 ammo;

Updates 12/26/19: Remington: 870 Wingmaster 12ga pump shotgun; 1903 30-06 bolt rifle; (2) 700 30-06 bolt rifle; 700 243 bolt rifle; 710 300 Win bolt rifle; 591M 5mm bolt rifle; 513T Matchmaster 22lr bolt rifle; Winchester: 70 30-06 bolt rifle; 70 270  bolt rifle; Super X2 12ga semi-auto shotgun; 12 16ga pump shotgun; 1897 12ga pump shotgun; Browning: A500 12ga semi-auto shotgun;  Ruger: 10/22 22lr semi-auto rifle; Single Six 22lr revolver; LC9 9mm semi-auto pistol; Smith & Wesson: 617 22lr double action revolver; (2) M&P 22 semi-auto pistol; SD40VE 40 semi-auto pistol; M&P 9mm semi-auto pistol; M&P 9mm compact semi-auto pistol; Beretta: 960 40 S&W semi-auto pistol; Mossberg: 100ATR 270 blot rifle; 702 22lr smi-auto rifle; Howa: 1500 223 bolt rifle; CVA: Scout 444 single shot rifle; T/C: Thunder Hawk 50cal muzzleloader; Rock Island: 1911A1 45acp semi-auto pistol; Rossi: Circuit Judge 45/410 rifle; J.C. Higgins: 583 12ga bolt-action shotgun; Eastern Arms: 12ga single shot shotgun; EAA: Windicator 357 revolver; Escort: Marine Guard 12ga pump shotgun; Tri-Star: Setter 410 over/under shotgun; Springfield: 120A 22lr bolt rifle; XD-40 semi-auto pistol; Stevens: Favorite 25RF single shot rifle; 94F 12ga single shot shotgun; 94 12ga single shot shotgun; Zastava: M57 7.62 semi-auto pistol; 270 bolt rifle; H&R: Pardner Pump 12ga shotgun; 676 22lr double action revolver; Savage: 93 22mag bolt rifle; (2) 110 30-06 bolt rifle; Union Fire Arms: 12ga pump shotgun; Hopkins & Allen: 12ga single shot; Tools: (4) workbench vises; Snap-On Verlis Pro workstation, computer screen, attachments, workbench; chain binders, (2) gas chain saws, trailer hitch, air compressor; Knives & Misc: (12) Custom made knives, varies blades & handles, 450 Bushmaster AR-15 complete upper w/ mag; Vintage leather gun case; gun books and magazines; Toys: John Deere & International peddle tractors; new in box John Deer and International tractors;

More Updates 12/26/19: H&R: Huntsman 45cal muzzleloader; Topper 22lr revolver; Firearms Import: 410 single shot shotgun; Marlin: 150M 22 semi-auto rifle; Remington: 572 Fieldmaster 22 pump rifle; Sportsman 48 12ga semi-auto shotgun; 1100 12ga slug semi-auto shotgun; Sportsman 12ga semi-auto shotgun; Winchester: (2) Ranger 120 12ga pump shotgun; Ruger: 10-22 22 semi-auto rifle; Mossberg: 500 20ga youth pump shotgun; Bushmaster: XM-15 5.56mm semi-auto rifle;

NOTE: Details and Online bidding are available at  Doors will open for preview at 8 AM.  All firearm buyers will be required to complete a 4473-background check.  All purchases are subject to a 10% Buyer’s Premium and state sales tax.  We hope to see you the 28th for a great auction.  



Andy White - Joseph Mast - Drew Turner - Jake White